Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Local collectibles company American Mint announces record-breaking growth during economic recession

Mechanicsburg, PA, 05/25/2011 – Local collectibles company American Mint, LLC announced that it experienced record-breaking growth in 2010, even during this economic downturn when the norm is lay-offs and hiring freezes.
American Mint is rapidly expanding with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. The fiscal year of 2010 was a banner year for American Mint in growth. Sales grew by more than 40% over the previous year. The company shipped out well over 500,000 orders to customers all over the United States and has acquired over 131,000 new customers.
“To support this fast-growing business, we grew our workforce 40%, creating 19 new jobs for the local community in only one year,” said company President, Kevin Sacher. “We like the quality workforce here in central Pennsylvania, and are currently underway for another exciting year of continued growth for 2011.”
Within the next 3 years, the company anticipates adding approximately 25-30 additional jobs to its existing workforce, including positions in customer service, marketing, operations, and the recently-created sales department. With construction of a 50,000 square foot administrative and operational facility underway, slated for completion in mid- 2012, the company is well-poised for several years of increasing growth.

Friday, November 4, 2016

American Mint announces new lincense with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum®

Mechanicsburg, PA – 08/23/2012 - American Mint, LLC President Kevin Sacher proudly announced that he has signed a new license agreement with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum®, located in Cooperstown, New York.  The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to preserving history, honoring excellence, and connecting generations.

"With the new license agreement, we are producing a line of commemorative collectible coins and baseballs in conjunction with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum®," Sacher said.  These limited edition collectibles will commemorate the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s greatest players in America’s beloved game of baseball.  “With this new relationship, we envision the development of an impressive product line featuring some of the greatest players in baseball history,” said Phillip Korkis, Director of Licensing and Legal Counsel for CMG Worldwide, the exclusive worldwide agent for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

American Mint is a leading provider of high quality collectible coins, knives, die-cast replicas, and other memorabilia, and has served over one million customers from its current Mechanicsburg facility.  As an international direct mail marketer, American Mint’s parent company operates in nine countries and has served 10 million serious collectors around the world.  For more information about American Mint, please visit www.americanmint.com.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Cooperstown, N.Y., is one of the country's major tourist destinations and is surely the best-known sports shrine in the world.  Opening its doors for the first time on June 12, 1939, the Hall of Fame stands as the definitive repository of the Game's treasures and as a symbol of the most profound individual honor bestowed on an athlete. An independent, not-for-profit, educational institution, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is three institutions under one roof. The Hall of Fame features the bronze plaques of the Game’s greatest players, managers, umpires and executives. The Museum documents the game’s history with a one-of-a-kind presentation of the game’s historic moments and icons across 50,000 square feet, while its collections contain more than 39,000 three-dimensional artifacts representing all facets of the game, from its inception in the mid-19th century, to the present.  These include bats, baseballs, uniforms, player equipment, ballpark artifacts, awards, artwork, textiles, tickets, collectibles and assorted memorabilia. In addition, the Institution's archives, housed in the National Baseball Library, contain in excess of 130,000 Baseball cards and three million Library items including photographs, books, magazines, newspaper clippings, films, video and audiotapes.