Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Die-Cast Replica of the Storied 1931 Seagrave Fire Truck

American Mint is a well established provider of collectibles that range from commemorative medals and coins to vintage car die-cast models. In the latter area, American Mint offers iconic automobile replicas including a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette and a 1931 Seagrave Fire Truck. Established in 1881 in Detroit, Seagrave and Co. initially focused on building ladders that were used for climbing trees in orchards.

The corporate focus soon shifted to firefighter’s ladders and hose wagons, which culminated in creation of the Seagrave Corp. in 1891. Today, Seagrave is a major manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment, including those used by the US government. The die-cast model takes specific inspiration from a vehicle purchased by the Old Greenwich, Connecticut, Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department for a price tag of $13,000.

This vehicle, known as Engine 3, featured an innovative booster tank that carried water rather than chemicals, and remained in service until 1964. Still in excellent condition under the hands of a collector, it was repurchased by the Department in 1979 and fully refurbished. This made the vehicle ideal for use in crafting a die-cast model of the era’s top-of-the-line firefighting truck.