Monday, April 24, 2017

How to Start a Coin Collection

For the past few decades, American Mint has sold a unique range of collectible items. Although customers may purchase die-cast models, jewelry, and more through American Mint, collectible and commemorative coins are the company’s main product. 

Coin collecting can get expensive, but interested hobbyists can easily start a collection by first identifying a budget and an area of interest. Collectors frequently decide to only gather certain denominations or coins made of a specific metal. Based on their personal interest area, collectors will set the right budget for their income to include funds for the coins, coin holders, albums, and other accessories. 

After setting a budget and focus area, many people start their collections by saving coins currently in circulation. Although these coins may not be in the best condition, they allow collectors to enter the hobby for a relatively minimal cost. This tactic also gives collectors the chance to buy their accessories over time and reduce their risk of ruining prestigious coins without the correct tools or protective casings.

As collections grow, hobbyists can begin looking for more expensive coins. They should also make sure to stay up to date on the various coin age and quality grade levels, as well as other items needed for collecting. This way, they can get the proper maintenance tools before they start buying more rare coins.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Benefits of Collecting Coins

An online retailer that was established in 1998, American Mint offers a range of collectibles, including commemorative and rare coins, decorative knives, and medals, to customers all over the world. Working from its base in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, American Mint dedicates itself to ensuring the authenticity and quality of its products. There are numerous benefits to collecting coins.

1. Making Money. Some of the rarest coins in the United States retail for values exceeding $1 million, such as the 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel, which is worth almost $4.5 million. While you may not find coins that reach these values, it is possible to make money from coin collecting if you know what you’re looking for and strike lucky by buying coins below their market value.

2. Education. All coins have histories and many collectors find great joy in exploring the stories behind their collections. By studying the backgrounds of your coins, you will often new things about people, places, and culture.

3. Metal Value. Some common coins carry value due to the metal used in their creation. For example, many American coins that were minted prior to 1965 were made with up to 90 percent silver. In some cases, these metals lend the coin more value to scrap and precious metal retailers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Die-Cast Replica of the Storied 1931 Seagrave Fire Truck

American Mint is a well established provider of collectibles that range from commemorative medals and coins to vintage car die-cast models. In the latter area, American Mint offers iconic automobile replicas including a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette and a 1931 Seagrave Fire Truck. Established in 1881 in Detroit, Seagrave and Co. initially focused on building ladders that were used for climbing trees in orchards.

The corporate focus soon shifted to firefighter’s ladders and hose wagons, which culminated in creation of the Seagrave Corp. in 1891. Today, Seagrave is a major manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment, including those used by the US government. The die-cast model takes specific inspiration from a vehicle purchased by the Old Greenwich, Connecticut, Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department for a price tag of $13,000.

This vehicle, known as Engine 3, featured an innovative booster tank that carried water rather than chemicals, and remained in service until 1964. Still in excellent condition under the hands of a collector, it was repurchased by the Department in 1979 and fully refurbished. This made the vehicle ideal for use in crafting a die-cast model of the era’s top-of-the-line firefighting truck.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Toys for Tots Literacy Program Fosters Success in Academics and Beyond

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based American Mint provides beginner and experienced collectors with a wide assortment of die-cast replicas, collectable coins, limited-edition items, and other rare and exclusive memorabilia. Outside its daily operations, American Mint supports its local Toys for Tots chapter. A nonprofit organization, Toys for Tots distributes toys to children in need and supports child literacy through the Toys for Tots Literacy Program. 

Administered with assistance from the UPS Store, the Literacy Program targets the most economically disadvantaged children nationwide. It focuses on enhancing literary skills and equipping these children with the resources necessary for success in academics and beyond. In addition to boosting reading skills, the program helps children learn to communicate effectively with adults and their peers. 

Studies conducted by the National Center for Children in Poverty suggest that nearly 16 million children live in poverty. Academic officers with Scholastic note within impoverished communities a pattern in which illiteracy and barriers in communication allow the cycle of poverty to continue. Furthermore, literacy plays a crucial role in academic success, and effective communication is an essential life skill.